Strategic IT Staffing

Flexible Engagement Model
We have a flexible engagement model that gives you access to the broadest range of Recruiting and staffing services available

Permanent and Direct Hire:

Our Permanent and Direct Hire services leverage the breadth of our HR experience to assess, attract and appoint the best talent.
Our screening policies are well defined and mature and our experience in current technologies gives us an understanding of the complex, varied consulting needs of our clients.
Some of our Direct Hire initiates include:

  • Screening and Telephonic Interviews
  • Reference Checks / Background Checks
  • Electronic skills matching
  • Online Testing /Evaluation
  • Evaluation and Verification of Skill Sets


Temporary staffing solutions at Sricom Inc. are customized to meet specific client needs. Short-term projects require highly specialized skills and benefit from an infusion of the latest technical abilities. We draw on our research and profiling instruments to recruit and retain top-level contractors for organizations with rapidly changing IT staffing needs.

Contract to Hire

Our Contract to hire employees go through regular interviews, reference checks and testing in advance like other temporary employees.
At the end of the contract, our clients have the option to hire the assigned employee. This allows the client to try out a key resource before making a full-time hire. It also creates valuable synergies for the employee if he is looking for a long-term assignment.

  • It shrinks the time required to find and screen a new applicant. This translates to definitive metrics on cost and time savings.
  • Allows them to respond quickly to internal requirements and bring on board employees who are pre qualified and familiar with the company culture
  • Greater understanding of the company environment makes him a natural fit and allows him to achieve operational excellence
  • Fulfilling work relationships result in superior performance and faster growth

While we do not specialize preferring to focus on what needs to be done rather than what our comfort areas are, our team members have rich experience in ……

  • We enable clients to plan and manage their human capital, perform workload analysis and ensure optimal match to position requirement.
  • Our responsiveness moves clients to a just-in-time hiring policy thereby reducing downtime and risk.
  • We develop structured personnel and compliance policies for our clients leading to enhanced employee loyalty and productivity

Count on us to provide only the top IT talent in the market. Three steps to get the right candidate to our clients.

  • Screened by our recruiter – Every professional is screened by our recruiter.
  • Technical Assessment – Professionals are interviewed by our technical director.
  • Professional Background Check – References from recent projects and superiors are requested from each professional

Our reach grants us access to 60% of the technical professionals. It enables us to speak to and meet many technical professionals everyday which helps us in recruiting top talent which helps our customers meet business goals. Our proven process to understand our customers’ specific needs and deliver the right solutions supported by the absolute best match of talent sets us apart.

Strategic IT Staffing

Strategic IT Staffing

Strategic IT Staffing