Our Vision is to be a world-class Strategic Staffing


Sricom,Inc offers the complete spectrum of Software Development, Strategic Staffing, IT Consulting, Remote DBA and training services to its clients to help them focus on their core processes and meet their evolving business objectives. Our Center of Excellence delivers high quality, cost effective, world class business solutions for startups, non-profits and enterprise corporate organizations.Our collective experience plays a pivotal role in developing targeted industry-specific solutions and implementing them through a global network of highly skilled professionals and vertical practices. Having worked for companies like AIS, Bank of America, United Healthcare Group, Liberty Mutual, Apple Computers, Nationwide Insurance, Thomson Reuters,ILTC and Glint Advertising, our team has a proven track record in delivering technologically relevant and cost-effective solutions to clients.


We strongly accentuate that the greatest change can be accomplished by proactively addressing the ever-increasing demands of Consulting, development and training. Our value system gives utmost importance to dedication in service delivery, enhancing leadership qualities and commitment. Our primary focus is to accomplish the goals through collaborative network of domain experts, technical consultants, and development managers. To realize this vision, we have developed the following values:

  • Provide cost-effective, affordable, quality services and solutions to all IT professional, organizations and student communities
  • Respect each of stakeholder with utmost care and dignity
  • Render all services and support with high levels of quality standards
  • Cater quantifiable and timely services always
  • Consider the stakeholders as partners-in-progress


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Vision and guiding principles

Our Vision is to be a world-class Strategic Staffing, IT Consulting, DBA Services and IT training leader helping clients to win and grow. We want to achieve our strategic goals keeping our core values of integrity, quality and respect for our clients, business partners and our employees. In order to encourage commitment to and energize all employees toward fulfilling our vision, we abide by our Guiding Principles

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are