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E-DeliverySeamless Service Access

Enables citizens, businesses, governments and service providers to interact through an online, electronic service delivery medium. From a business perspective, e-Delivery is a delivery of services through citizen or business centric processes.

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E-IntegrationSeamless Interoperability and Accessibility

Is the convergence of existing infrastructure to the smallest number of solution platforms that meet business requirements to foster seamless inter-operability and accessibility.

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E-TransformationTransforming IT Assets for Efficiency and Value

Is the process of recreating or enhancing service delivery by transforming enterprise-wide IT assets that are facing technical obsolescence or losing their relevance to changed business scenarios, thereby setting clear targets for lower costs and higher-value services.

In the public sector, IT service offerings are crucial for improving service delivery, enhancing citizen engagement, optimizing processes, and ensuring government agencies operate efficiently. Our IT service offerings tailored to the public sector

Government Portals and Websites: Development and maintenance of government websites and portals to provide citizens with access to information, services, forms, and resources online, improving transparency and accessibility of government services.
Citizen Relationship Management (CRM): Implementation of CRM systems for government agencies to manage citizen interactions, feedback, requests, and service inquiries, enhancing citizen engagement and satisfaction.
E-Government Solutions: Deployment of e-government solutions to digitize government services, including online tax filing, permit applications, license renewals, voter registration, and public records requests, facilitating self-service and reducing administrative burden.
Open Data Platforms: Development of open data platforms to publish government data sets and information publicly, enabling transparency, accountability, and innovation through data-driven decision-making and citizen-driven initiatives.
Digital Identity and Authentication: Provision of digital identity and authentication solutions for secure access to government services and online transactions, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Implementation of GIS solutions for mapping, spatial analysis, and visualization of government data, supporting urban planning, emergency management, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure development.

Our IT service offerings enable government agencies to modernize their operations, enhance citizen services, improve efficiency, and adapt to evolving technology trends in the public sector.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Implementation of cybersecurity measures and data protection solutions to safeguard government networks, systems, and sensitive data from cyber threats, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Deployment of ECM systems for government agencies to manage and organize digital content, documents, records, and workflows, improving information governance, compliance, and collaboration.
Cloud Computing and Hosting Services: Provision of cloud computing and hosting services for government agencies to leverage scalable, cost-effective infrastructure, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, enabling flexibility and agility in IT operations.
Digital Transformation Consulting: Strategic consulting and advisory services to help government agencies navigate digital transformation initiatives, assess technology needs, develop IT strategies, and implement digital solutions to improve service delivery and operational efficiency.
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Utilization of data analytics and business intelligence tools to analyze government data, derive insights, and support evidence-based decision-making in areas such as policy development, resource allocation, and performance monitoring.
IT Infrastructure Management: Provision of IT infrastructure management services for government agencies to maintain and support IT systems, networks, servers, and endpoints, ensuring reliability, availability, and security of government IT assets.

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