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Data IngestionBecause we are Reliable.

Our Data Ingestion supports a wide range of data ingestion formats, sources, and mechanisms with in-house knowledge to integrate with cloud-based modern tools.

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Data PipelinesTo Redefine your Brand.

We focus on helping organizations and its business units solve the data-silo problem by developing data pipelines that can populate in Single Source of Truth

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AnalyticsMake our Customers Happy.

Our Big Data Consulting company with the help of advanced technologies and tools like Delta Lakes, Spark, Hadoop and Cloud technologies will process your datasets.

We partner with businesses anywhere they are in their journey to extract value from data and turn them into actionable insights – unlocking competitive advantages for organizations.

Big Data Consulting and Strategy: Consulting services to help organizations assess their big data needs, develop a strategy, and roadmap for implementing big data solutions. This includes identifying use cases, evaluating technology options, and defining data governance and security policies.
Big Data Infrastructure Setup and Management: Implementation services for setting up big data infrastructure, including data storage, processing, and analytics platforms. This includes deploying and configuring technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and NoSQL databases.
Data Ingestion and Integration: Services for ingesting and integrating data from various sources into the big data platform. This includes setting up data pipelines, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and real-time data streaming solutions.
Data Warehousing and Data Lakes: Design and implementation of data warehousing and data lake solutions for storing and managing structured and unstructured data at scale. This includes designing data models, defining data schemas, and optimizing data storage and retrieval.
Data Processing and Analytics: Services for processing and analyzing large volumes of data to derive insights and make data-driven decisions. This includes batch processing, real-time analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).
Data Visualization and Reporting: Development of data visualization dashboards and reporting solutions to present insights and trends from big data analysis. This includes tools like Tableau, Power BI, and custom-built dashboards using libraries like D3.js.

Our IT service offerings in the big data domain help organizations unlock the value of their data, gain actionable insights, and drive innovation and business growth in today's data-driven world

Data Governance and Security: Implementation of data governance and security policies and controls to ensure data quality, integrity, privacy, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. This includes access controls, encryption, anonymization, and audit trails.
Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM): Services for improving data quality and managing master data across the organization. This includes data profiling, cleansing, deduplication, and establishing master data repositories.
Big Data Platform Optimization and Performance Tuning: Optimization services to improve the performance and scalability of big data platforms. This includes tuning hardware configurations, optimizing software parameters, and scaling infrastructure resources.
Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions: Deployment and management of big data solutions on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This includes leveraging cloud-based services like Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, and Google BigQuery.
Big Data as a Service (BDaaS): Managed services for big data infrastructure and analytics, offered as a subscription-based model. This includes outsourcing the management of big data platforms, data processing, and analytics to third-party service providers.
Big Data Training and Education: Training services to upskill employees and IT professionals on big data technologies and tools. This includes workshops, courses, certifications, and hands-on training on Hadoop, Spark, Python, R, and other relevant technologies.

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We keeps your business running so you can keep your business growing. We assess your business needs and develop a technology strategy that aligns with your business mission and goals. Collaboration with us is a true partnership as we develop tech services to support current capabilities and future growth.


Strategic Planning.

As your company grows, technology will need to grow to support it. We provides strategic IT planning that aligns with your overall company growth plan, and we provide ongoing software upgrades, network enhancements and hardware improvements.


Consistent Service.

Our proactive strategy increases uptime by addressing problems before they create disruptions in service. The consistency, reliability and security that we provide can increase productivity and provide peace of mind.

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